• Everyday language:

    to move along in a steady, continuous stream

  • Psychology:

    the mental state in which a person is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the activity performed.

  • Music:

    the delivery of a rap music vocal performance, defined by prosody, cadence, and speed

  • Lean/ Kanban:

    The uninterrupted and uniform movement of work in small batches through multiple, aligned subsystems.

  • We work at different levels – with people and teams, in and at their respective, individual work systems.

Who we are

We are Andreas and Susanne Bartel, Kanban and agile coaches and trainer based in Hamburg, Germany.

We equip teams, leaders, and organizations with modern management tools to design their work systems single-handedly in a way that maximizes their effectiveness. We teach you how to fish rather than fishing for you!


What inspires us and keeps us going

Wir sind gerne in der Kanban und agilen Community unterwegs und lieben Bücher die unseren Horizont erweitern oder auch mal unser bisheriges Bild auf den Kopf stellen.

Diese Leute und ihre Bücher haben uns besonders geformt, beeindruckt und inspiriert:

  • David J. Anderson, Mike Burrows und gesamte Lean Kanban-Community
  • Eliyahu M. Goldrat’ Theory of Constraints
  • Dave Snowden’s Cynefin Modell
  • Bücher wie “Turn the ship around”

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Agendashift Assessments
und Action Workshops

Agendashift Assessments
und Action Workshops

We are Agendashift TM partners. Agendashift stands for clean conversations, coherent collaboration, and continuous transformation.
We’re evolving new ways to facilitate organisational change – helping practitioners and client organisations to share in a highly participatory and refreshingly non-prescriptive approach to Lean-Agile transformation.

Contact us for more details about the survey, tool support, and flexible workshop concept.



As experienced Agile Coaches we support your transformation to (more) agility. Besides working in and with teams, we work at the interfaces and with the leadership in the organisation.
We strongly believe in “teaching how to fish”.

Kanban Training

Kanban Training

As LKU-accredited Kanban trainers we offer public and private training classes. In both cases you will get official certificates of attendance / designation. Classes can be held in English or German.

Team Kanban Practitioner – the 1-day kickstarter into Kanban, also well-suited for whole teams. Puts attendees in the position to apply Kanban the next day.

Kanban Management Professional I (“Kanban System Design”): Imparts well-founded knowledge about the core of the Kanban method, supported by several hours of simulation. Makes attendees familiar with STATIK, the proven and humane approach to design and implement Kanban systems.
Course Description KMP I (English) (487 downloads)

Kanban Management Professional II (“Improving Kanban System”): Advanced class for professionals already working actively in and at Kanban systems who want to further deepen and improve their work systems. Delivers more in-depth concepts and  opens space for experimentation in a simulation, exchange and reflection.

Kursbeschreibung KMP II (deutsch) (731 downloads)

Please see the “Events” section for upcoming courses.


Voices of course attendees:

Susanne is a great trainer who prepared for the attendees well in advance. Awesome class, thanks! Expectations fully met.”

“Got the principles and delivered an 80/20 approach for my organization in just 2 days, great!”

“Playfully cut to the chase. Thanks!”



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You want to quickly kick off your Kanban system?
Based on your situation and needs, we design a tailored workshop offering the right mix of Kanban theory, experiencing principles in simulations, analyzing your work environment, and designing your system.

This way, you will be prepared to start working with Kanban within one to two days.

Flowlab Simulations

Flowlab Simulations

Many seemingly easy concepts and issues around how work flows can only be fully understood once experienced.
Okaloa Flowlab is a set of board play business simulations that let you experience different obstacles that prevent work from flowing and how this affects agility.

As Beta Tester and authorized Flowlab Facilitator, we bring Okaloa Flowlab to you to help you get a deeper understanding of flow – in general and relating to your work system.


Don’t miss our upcoming public classes and events:

We’re glad to support LeanKanban Central Europe, the world’s largest Kanban conference (5 and 6 Nov 2018) , as a sponsor. Meet us there! Andreas will be there as a speaker with his “What Does it take to Grab a Cupcake” talk.


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