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ScrumMaster – a model of the modern manager?

Since November, I am studying in the OUBS course ‘Creativity, Cognition and Development’ which so far is really enjoyable. Yes, there are tons of materials to read, listen to, and watch. They are well-prepared and intellectually stimulating. Rather than just consuming and trying to learn things they make me think, reflect about myself, organisations, and so on.

For the first time in my studies, I decided to use computer-based MindMaps (XMind) for my personal notes instead of hand-writing into a paper notebook. So far this works really well, as I can build in all the cross-references and interrelationships much better. The material is far less sequential than in past courses.

Finally getting to the topic of this blog post: Today, I’ve read a section about ‘Creative Managers’, a term which is used for the new, modern manager:

Creative managers bring out the creativity in their staff: they stimulate and sustain an open atmosphere where a spirit of collaboration prevails, and they see part of their job as protecting a team from unnecessary obstacles (i.e. facilitating rather than controlling proceedings).
(OUBS, B822 Creativity Innovation and Change, Book 1, p. 38)

Facilitation is one central skill here, ‘acting as the conductor rather than the captain’, aiming to provide each individual an appropriate level of stretch and challenge.

All the described characteristics map very well to the role of a ScrumMaster, and also generally to agile coaches. Maybe ScrumMasters and agile coaches could be regarded as ‘early adopters’ of a new manager role, in the rather protected, closed environment of an agile project?

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