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Train Adventure to Creativity

— This article was written Jan 7, posted now due to WLAN issues while travelling and a generally full schedule 😉 —

I am sitting on the train to Holland, Noordwijkerhout, which is appr 30min away from the Schiphole airport, at the coast of the Northern Sea.
I’ll be spending the next 2.5days there at the last Residential School in my MBA studies with the Open University Business School. This weekend is for the B822 course ‘Creativity, Innovation and Change’.

The travel started really “interesting”. I got up before 6, hurried on icy sidewalks to the public transport, just to find out at the man station that my train was to be 30min late. Plus, the wagon with my reserved seat wasn’t to be part of the train. When the train finally arrived at the platform, it turned out the order of the wagons was reversed but everyone was hurried into the train which was then full of people crossing each others’ ways. Gee. As if we hadn’t had 30 boring minutes on the platform to fix that in advance. The company in my compartment was really nice. And even more luckily, my connecting train in Osnabrück was late as well and waited a few minutes, so that I’m almost back on track. If I had missed that train, I’d have to change 4 (!!) times on my way to Leiden.

The train is just stopping at Amersfoort where I travelled to quite often when I worked for Sun Microsystems. Thinking about old times…

Back to the weekend: There is a full schedule, we’ll be starting early and finishing late. The program is quite flexible, but we’ll basically be working in groups, with some theory but many practical exercises in creative problem-solving techniques.

The residential schools on the European ‘mainland’ are usually a nicely mixed crowd, with many people from mid and eastern Europe, and usually a few ‘exotic’ places as well. It will probably be a lot of fun to work with this diverse bunch of people, and get some of the to know a bit better.

The first mission is to register, check into the hotel and find out the WLAN access. If you read this, I was successful!

PS – As you’ve read at the beginning of this post, my success there was limited 😉

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