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Kanban Logbook Day 1 – Kan(i)banification

Yay, our first Daily in our Kanban life! (We had the decision to start with Kanban, backed by management, and the board prepared.)

As a reminder, we had decided to not do estimation and planning meetings anymore. Rather, we’d extend our Daily to 30min divided into two parts:

  1. Review of the “Ready” column, with the chance for the PO to rearrange and add new tasks which then get talked through and broken down further if needed. Also option to bring up new ideas / current tasks from all team members.
  2. “Normal” daily as in Scrum, with the 3 questions What did I do yesterday, What am I planning to do today, What impedes my work.

It quickly turned out that our well thought-out separation of the two daily parts did not work out quite so neat in practice.

Anyways, we had enough work to get started in the Ready column. It was filled with the remainders of the last sprint – two or three task-ified stories (i.e. tasks corresponding to user stories).

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We talked them through briefly as a refresher, then people pulled tasks for this day and off we went!

See how the journey went on Day 2.

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