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What does it take to grab a cupcake?

We were invited again to speak at the Lean Kanban Central Europe conference.

Andreas gave a fast-paced talk about applying insights about brain dysfunctions from neuro science to organizational dysfunctions, specifically relating to feedback loops.

The whole area of feedback loops and cadence deserves more thoughts and you’ll hear more in the future!


If organizational survival is determined by its capability to move, we can conclude that organizations must have developed brains and feedback loops to coordinate movement and thereby avoid extinction. However, organizational structures and functions are at times as hard to figure out as those of the brain.
Thus, I suggest studying organizational dysfunctions will help us improve our change management activities in organizational systems. Ultimately, what we call organizational agility – intentional, goal-directed and smooth organizational movement, shall become as easy as grabbing a cupcake.

Watch the video

How much neuroscience can you squeeze into 30min?? Watch yourself!


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