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Lean Kanban Global Summit

We are already looking forward to our US trip this year to the Global Kanban Summit. The format of the conference is quite interesting, with a mix of presentations, and interactive workshops and labs that get repeated.

It would be great to see you at one of the workshops we are involved in.

Workshop 1: Portfolio Management with Kanban

Portfolio Management with Kanban – delivered by Andreas and Dimitar Karaivanov.

Ensure long-term success with a balanced portfolio

Portfolio management, with its origins in the financial and real estate industries, is the “art and science of making decisions” about the distribution of capital or investments with the purpose of profit maximization. It’s an act of continuous trade-offs between potentially greatest returns and appropriate risk exposure.

In a broader sense, portfolio management considers a wide range of investments of a firm, including products and services, and certainly projects. The goal and the challenge of portfolio management is thereby to ensure long-term survivability of the firm by taking a holistic view of the organization, balancing demand and capabilities across e.g. strategic, operational and regulatory initiatives, while maintaining a healthy mix of investments in existing and new capabilities.

In this workshop, you will learn how Kanban can help raise the maturity of portfolio management through visualization, explicit policies and collaboration, resulting in improved organizational decision making. You will also learn how portfolio construction can be linked to organizational strategy, and how Portfolio Kanban drives strategy execution.

After attending this workshop you will be able to:

  • Know and understand portfolio management better
  • Describe different views and levels of portfolio management
  • Apply Kanban techniques for effective portfolio construction
  • Apply Portfolio Kanban to align objectives and investments

Workshop 2: Kanban Techniques Exploration

Experience core Kanban techniques and see how to introduce them to others

In this workshop, you will have the possibility to experience how different Kanban techniques can be applied and which impact they have.

We will use specific configurations of the Okaloa Flowlab simulation set which we created for this workshop. You can explore different scenarios and gain a practical understanding of these techniques in order to apply them to your own Kanban systems.

For each of the techniques, we’ll start with a  brief intro of the concept, then run a simulation and debrief / reflect.

Techniques covered:

  • Replenishment – how to model a system entry and the impact of different replenishment cycles
  • Capacity Allocation – allocate system capacities to different categories of work (e.g. Classes of Service or work item types), and measure the input vs. output
  • Manage pull across several teams via Capacity Tokens

This workshop is targeted at Kanban beginners as well as medium-level practitioners and coaches.

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